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Ihor Matsiyevskyy

- artist, sculptor, glassblower.
Born in Lviv, Ukraine, on 28 March 1963. 

1985 – graduated from Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Art, Department of Art Glass.
1983 – participated in regional, republican, international exhibitions and symposiums. Since 1987 worked as glassblower at Lviv Ceramics and Sculpture Factory. 
1999 – member of the National Artists Association of Ukraine. 

I owe my love to glass and glassblowing skills to my father – a renowned Ukrainian folk craftsman Yaroslav Matsiyevskyy.

Creative range: sculpture, animal plastics, glass vases, glass plates, tableware. My pieces are represented in private and museum collections in Ukraine and abroad, particularly in the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Poland, Russia, Argentina, and Spain.  

Today, I am Chairman of the Art Glass Section, Member of the Board of the Artists Association, member of the Ukraine-wide exhibition committee for the decorative art. 

Awarded with diplomas, charters of honor, certificates of gratitude.

History of Art Glass

In Ukraine there was found glass dated 3 ctntury. BC.  The
written notes belonging to the second half of the 14th century principally tell us about the development of glass production in Galicia-Volyn.

The term "art glass", "Gutnik" were derived from the German word «Die hutte«, which means the building in which the glass-melting furnace is situated. Production technology is free blowing and the free formation of hot "live" condition (t = 800-1100).

Now, the most often way to create art products
is using techniques of manual processing in modern methods of decoration  in addition to traditional methods: irryzation, drawing on the surface and in the interior of the mass of glass, metal oxides, chemical etching, painting colors, etc..

To implement creative idea to know the material, its properties. To master techniques, fast response, feel the internal state of the glass, to predict its behavior. A combination of creativity, improvisation creates artwork, which are inherent and individual.

Ukrainian art glass (Volyn, Chernihiv, Sloboda, Podolia, Galicia) evolved in complex ways. Combining the traditions of past ages one can see it in the works of well-known in Ukraine and outside the Lviv school of glassblowing like P.Semenenko, M.Pavlovskyy, M.Bahynskyy, Y.Hulyanskyy, R.Zhuk, O.Hera, B. Valko, I.Chaban, V.Drachuk, Ya.Matsiyevskyy, I.Matsiyevskyy, M.Tarnavskyy, P.Dumych, V.Bilous.

Their professional work is closely connected with the main creative and production base of the Art Fund at the Union of Artists of Ukraine and Lviv experimental sculptural ceramic-factory, where
the Honored Artist of UkraineF.A.Chernyak worked as the main artist. In different ways artists in resolving technical issues the foreman of Blown Art Glass Uhryn Y. M. helped.

Significant contribution to the development and popularization of the Lviv school of glass-plastic made A.A.Bokotey - People's Artist of Ukraine, Academician, National Award of Ukraine Taras Shevchenko, honored artist, rector of the Lviv Academy of Arts.

Love to the glass came from his father. From childhood he brought me to the glass factory and I was delighted with what i saw. Whenthe  yellow-colored mass of hot glass (as if in a fairy tale) turned into his hands on the lamb, fish, candlestick or vase. Magical power and beauty of hot glass still fascinates me uptill now.

My father was my first teacher and mentor, the executor of my creative ideas. I really bow down to him for all he has done for me, especially for that sparkle in my heart for the love of the glass, which has become an integral part of my life.

Jaroslaw Maciejewski G. was born January 2, 1935 in Zavydovychi village, Lviv region. Worked in Lviv Ceramic and Sculpture from 1963. Member of the USSR, Honored Master of Folk Art of Ukraine. Since 1975. worked in Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. His works are in museums and private collections in Ukraine and abroad.

I am also proud of his brother John G. Maciejewski. Since 1970, this magnificent glass master worked for Lviv Experimental Ceramic and Sculpture factory. He actively collaborates with leading artists of the USSR as a master finisher in experimental creative team. In particular, for A.A.Bokoteya he played a significant part of the work.